The Story of Liberty Press: How Freedom Can & Will Be Won.
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What are people saying about The Liberty Book?

"With meticulous research and compelling evidence, The Liberty Book illuminates Christian principles of liberty. Those who study it carefully and follow its principles will be equipped and will win more battles in the ongoing fight for liberty. It is my hope that this publication will awaken a desire for all nations to be blessed with freedom, security, and happiness.

Mat Staver, Esq.Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel



"As I read The Liberty Book, my heart was filled with hope for our nation’s future. It provides biblical solutions to the astounding loss of liberty we face in America. This book will help us make our way back to being the land of the free. The Liberty Book beautifully lays out what God’s Word teaches about human liberty and how we can make a return to our initial freedoms. This is an irreplaceable resource for every family and every person who truly cares about liberty."

Twila Paris, music singer and songwriter, pianist, and author



"The Liberty Book imparts vital understanding regarding God's path to true Liberty."

- Alveda King, evangelist, niece of Martin Luther King Jr.



"The Liberty Book engages our minds and spirits with Scripture and sheds light on how true liberty can be regained."

-Tony Perkins, President of The Family Research Council

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