The Story of Liberty Press: How Freedom Can & Will Be Won.
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John Bona on American Family Radio

John Bona, Executive Producer of the documentary films Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure and Unstoppable joins Lauren to talk about his latest offering, The Freedom Book: How Freedom Can & Will be Won.

John tells us that America is losing her heritage of God-given freedoms, which were originally derived from biblical teaching. We sense that our well-sung liberties are being lost to a point of no return.
The Liberty Book examines the Christian roots of liberty, idolatry, taxation, foundations for freedom, the right to bear arms, the great freedom documents in history, pro-life and liberty, land rights, social involvement, and more.
With God’s help freedom can be revived. We must all work to pull America back from the cliffs-edge fall into tyranny. Our nation is again in search of genuine liberty under God. Discover what Bible-based liberty looks like and how it can be won for you and your children. 

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