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Where Liberty Begins- LIBERTY IS A WORTHY GOAL

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Rising from a quiet glade in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the National Monument to the Forefathers stands with its central figure, Faith, directing the visitor’s eye to the heavens. Underneath repose Morality, Law, and Education. Additionally, resides Liberty, who has been dubbed the Liberty Man. This man, as we shall see, is the protagonist in a story dating back thousands of years.

The idea of the liberty man derives from the first English usage and describes a seaman who had gone ashore. After months of being ruled by the strictest laws of the ship, he at last leaves behind that virtual enslavement and succeeds to a broader freedom. His has a liberty less profound than that represented by our Liberty Man carved in stone, but we gain a glimpse of this larger reality from the seaman’s image. 
Our liberty man is found in the earliest records from God and people. The slave, being dragged and crushed first by his own nature and then by the actions of others, finds himself ever working to rise but forever falling. The liberty man, however, though under siege from the same forces, manages to find the victory of freedom that his soul craves. This is the battle of the centuries: Will we be slaves or will we be free people? What is it that unchains slaves? What is it that makes free people free? What was it that began emancipating the West while surrounding cultures remained enthralled to their slave mentalities?

The liberty man has been represented by numerous men and women over the centuries. He is any person who chooses to resist the powers of slavery. Oftentimes, the liberty man works against oppression by seeking justice in the courts, on the battlefield, or relief from unjust taxation. He may use financial means to raise up the widow or the orphan, giving hope and a chance for a more prosperous life. These kinds of works have been commanded by Christ and are the backbone of Christendom. Liberty men protecting and saving their neighbors are doing the work that pushes back slavery in tangible ways. If nothing tangible is done, then the whole Christian enterprise is reduced to vain philosophy, allowing humanity to remain in chains.  
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The assurance that liberty is a worthy goal comes not from an emotion within but from revelation without. It comes from the very Word of God, who speaks eternally through His perfect law of liberty. His Word naturally leads to liberty, even though people often disagree with it, which is the difference between the humanist philosopher and the Christian philosopher. The humanist philosopher offers no compelling moral basis for liberty. He may desire liberty for all, but he might just as well desire slavery because his opinions are not based on anything other than his own emotions. However, the Christian speaks and acts out of the supernatural Word of God in order to defend liberty. He is motivated by God’s Word to believe that freedom is both desirable and possible for all.

Jesus is not simply a liberty man; He is the Liberty Man. We who follow His example are but shadows of the one who preached liberty as no one else did. Jesus not only preached liberty, but He has the authority to direct history toward its final victory, which means that liberty is an assured outcome. There are no slaves in the celestial city. The favorable year of the Lord will have its fulfillment beginning here and continuing there. He will set the downtrodden free and release the captives. This we know with certainty. 

The battle for freedom can be found in the earliest histories. We could recount the curse in the garden of Eden with God promising  that Adam would work the ground only by the sweat of his brow, or tell of Moses defeating Egypt when the Lord parted the Red Sea and drowned Pharaoh’s army. God transcribed His law on tablets of stone and gave them to a free people. Joshua defeated Jericho and went throughout the land of Canaan, slaughtering his enemies, leading God’s people into the Promised Land. The iniquity of the Amorites had been filled up and the Lord had determined their destruction. Liberty was for His covenant people in this confiscated real estate. 

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