The Story of Liberty Press: How Freedom Can & Will Be Won.
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About The Story of Liberty Press

John is a business owner and has started new businesses throughout America, creating over 500 jobs in the process. He founded one of America’s largest annual prayer breakfasts in the community of Vero Beach, Florida, and he teaches Bible on a frequent basis. John is a firm believer in the American free enterprise system, he calls on his 30-plus years experience as owner of Park ‘N Go, to shape his views and spread a message on the importance for Christians to promote religious, economic, and political liberty. John is Executive Producer of documentary films Monumental and Unstoppable. He produces and hosts a weekly radio broadcast The Story of Liberty which currently reaches over 1 million people. He is excited about The Liberty Book project which will show that through Christ liberty is increasingly achievable and can be fought for in our time!


Don has been thinking, writing and speaking on Christian culture for two decades with his ministry Mission to Restore America. He expertly applies biblical truth to modern questions of culture, government, politics and family. Don encourages Christians to be influencers and builders of culture who lead the way to righteousness in our nation, and is excited to be involved in The Liberty Book project. He holds an MA in Applied Biblical Studies.
He is the author of the books Advancing the Kingdom and Faithful Parents, Faithful Children as well as the digital books Money & Taxes and Give Me Liberty.



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