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The Education Liberty Book- (paperback)


The Education Liberty Book: Why We Should Save Our Children from Lousy Government Schools

This is a paperback, ebook is available here.

Are you playing Russian roulette with your child's soul? Nothing allows us to gamble with the lives of our children. We pray they get a good Christian education. We must be examples for them to believe and obey the Holy Scriptures. We have to keep humanist teachers from stripping our children of their Christian faith. Christian education has to be restored in America so we can again become one nation under God.


Having been concerned about the nature, content, and direction of government schools for over three decades, we are seeing more than ever the need to expose this system for the godless mechanism that it is. We also want to give some instruction and encourage hope for Christian parents who struggle in their hearts over state schooling and how to respond. For many parents, nothing confounds so much as trying to sort through all the claims and counterclaims about government schools, schools in general, and homeschooling. Opponents fling accusations on all sides. Some claim that only mainstream schools can properly socialize their children. Homeschool parents typically insist that teaching loving manners as a part of home education best establishes general social skills Many children and their parents believe that organized sports are so important that other issues must take second or third place in schooling decisions. Poor moral instruction and cultivation in the public schools is a growing and in many cases overwhelming concern for parents from a variety of backgrounds. Should Heather really have two mommies?

Even after over four decades of strenuous effort by both Christian school promoters and homeschool advocates, around 90% of all school students in grades 1–12 remain in government schools.  That number has dropped a few percentage points over the years but no widespread shift away from government schooling has taken hold  Government schools remain the staple for schooling in America  Large numbers of parents, including Christian parents, continue to choose government schools over the other choices.  This book will demonstrate why this is a faulty choice and offer some strategies for escaping the government school attempted monopoly of this all important work  We hope and pray this little book will convince Christian parents that their children do not belong in government schools and that they should make better choices for their beloved progeny.

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